What’s up?

Wow, June is almost over and I haven’t updated in almost a month. So, here’s a quick run down of how things have gone:

  • The school is over and I’m glad to be in “summer vacation” mode…
  • …except that we have been with kids the last few weeks so summer vacation hasn’t really started yet.
  • My friend Catrina had fractured her arm but was signed up to do the Danskin Triathlon. I decided to help her out by being a part of relay and swimming the 1/2 mile loop in Decker Lake. Even just breast stroking, I swam it in 27 minutes, 43 seconds. Our final team time was 2 hours, 8 minutes and 52 seconds. Out of 106 relay teams, we ranked 75. Not bad for only 2 weeks notice of being in a relay! I enjoyed the swim and think I might just have to do more swimming like that….
  • After school ended, we had a few rehearsals and headed to the great State of Hawaii. Aloha! Pictures are available on my Flickr.
  • I got back from Hawaii and got AT&T U-Verse installed. I am enjoying it immensely! Especially since there is an iPhone App so I can program my DVR from anywhere.
  • We had our Squad Leader training sessions for Welcome Week that starts on Monday. The leadership played through the opener and we’re pretty stoked about next year’s show.
  • The Texas Drum Corps Preview was last night and again, I had the honor of being the MC. Every corps was better than last year! I’d like to welcome Memphis Sound (to become Forte in 2010) to Texas, too.
  • Welcome Week starts on Monday and goes all next week from 8 am – 12 noon. Once that’s over, Summer Vacation will officially start!!!!
  • So, that’s it. It’s been pretty non-stop but we’ve had an amazing trip. The pictures are foldered by day and there are quite a few captions to say where we were each day.

    Happy Father’s Day
    to all the great dad’s out there!