Please comment on this…

…I really need to know what you think this means.

Today is Monday. On Saturday, at our TMEA Region Meeting, an old friend of 20 or so years told me he had a dream that I died by hanging due to a mistake in band I made. Today, one of my band parents told me she had a strange dream last night in which I died, too. Last night, I had a dream that I had have my right hand amputated and the first portion of the procedure was to score a cut to work from around my wrist.

When I shared this with some folks (or the people who heard the band parent tell her story), I was told not to worry because in Mexican folklore, it could mean a reverse of what it may seem like. I sure hope so. Just in case, say a little prayer and knock on some wood for/with me.

Any clue of what this could mean? Leave a comment, PLEASE!!!