Pre-school wrap up

Oh my goodness, what a helluva week we had. When I started this week, the Stony Point Band had had two very productive weeks of Summer Band already. In week 1, we focused on marching and playing fundamentals as well as learning the wonderful music of our opener and in week 2, we applied the marching fundamentals to learning the opener of our wonderful drill. This week (3), we put music to our drill and performed it on Friday night at Dragon Stadium (I guess since we only play 2 games there, I’m not gonna call it Tiger/Dragon Stadium anymore. We’re in The Tiger Palace, baby!). My reaction to our performance? Awesome. For only having had a week of learning and a little cleaning, pretty darn good, I must say. I did video tape it but I haven’t had a chance to even get the camera out the bag…much less get it on the computer or online. I’ll get it done today, hopefully.

This week, we also had staff development as well. The speaker we had on Monday, Mychal Winn or something, was, well, alright – if you like being yelled at for motivation. What I learned from him? If you tell the students you teach that they’re going to college, they WILL!!! So all this week, I’ve been telling them that they’re “GOING TO COLLEGE!!!”. Let’s see how well that works. The rest of the week of staff development stuff hasn’t been too bad. Our principals seem to be quite efficient with their presentations (maybe someone practiced what they were gonna say) and we actually got done with many of the presentations several HOURS early! Woo hoo!!! And I got a few things done in my office this week, too. Quite exciting stuff.

Saturday was our annual Car Wash Extravaganza. My team and I were at the Firestone on Old Settlers and we washed a surprising 113 cars. There was never a moment we weren’t washing a car in the 4 hours we were there. When we were done, we even turned away 2 cars because we had to close at noon. Well, there were about 5 cars in line at noon so we went ahead and washed them – they were in line already! Thanks to some of my friends and Facebook fans (fans – LOL) who came out to get their cars washed. With the 8 sites we had going between the band and orchestra, I’m sure we washed over 600 cars. I mean, we made it rain for a few minutes, even! Unfortunately, we made it put more lightening in the sky than rain from it so we had to cancel our End of Summer Pool Party Saturday night. I stayed home and relaxed from an exhausting week so not all was lost.

Today is chore day. I’ve got a load of laundry in the wash, several more ready to go and the dishwasher is as filled as I can get it right now. I’m going to do some vaccuuming and hopefully, get the kitchen floor cleaned up a bit. Has anyone tried one of those Shark Steam Mops? I really think that might help get the grime out of my floor that I can’t seem to get up with anything else. But I’m not really willing to drop the cash on one (even with one of the many Bed Bath & Beyond coupons I have) unless I know it’s really gonna do the job.

School starts on Tuesday so my schedule should actually get a little easier starting this week. I’m convinced that UIL enforces the 8 hour rule more for the adults than the kids. I can only do so much! Okay, back to cleaning this joint!

Love you, mean it!