Pfema “Punkin” Benford 1997-2010

Good morning.

This morning, when the alarm went off for me to take Clipford on his daily walk, Pfema jumped on the bed, got in my face and was panting. This was certainly not normal and Pfema has always been very good about letting me know when he needs something so I could not ignore it. I called the Animal Emergency Clinic and they said any types of breathing problems is a feline emergency so I gathered Pfema & Clipford and headed to the vet. When I arrived, they took him right back for x-rays then to give him oxygen (they put him in a box that’s sealed and gets filled with high quantities of oxygen). The doctor showed me that the x-rays and pointed out that the area that should show healthy lungs (air shows black on x-rays) was creamy white – fluid in and around the lungs. It was also very difficult to distinguish the lung and heart areas. She said that this was most likely caused because of heart disease (common in older cats) which causes lungs to fill with fluid.

——————can’t write anymore right now——————

I wrote that on Tuesday, March 2, 2010. I still can’t write anymore but I thought I’d start by taking it out of “Drafts”.