Crock Pot Chicken

Well, I didn’t get to making that crock pot chicken until tonight but it’s cooking up for tomorrow’s lunch & future meals. I can’t wait to taste it! So, in classic Krez style, here’s what I did:

First, I put a whole chicken in my crock pot. I used a roasting chicken instead of a frying chicken.

Then, I added the seasoning. I’m not sure how much of each because I season by eye but here are the spices/herbs I used – Ana’s Herbs (for whatever reason, this website only seems to work on MS IE…BOO!!), celery salt, cayanne pepper, basil, and a bay leaf.

I cubed 2 baking potatoes and 1 onion and added them in. I also added about 4 cups of water.

Can’t forget the garlic! 1 clove, minced.

Cook all that on high heat for a few hours. Once this has all cooked down a bit, I’m going to add in carrots, mushrooms and frozen okra and let it cook on low overnight.

So, it should be ready for me to pack myself a yummy lunch tomorrow. If I leave it on warm all day tomorrow, it should definitely fall off the bone by dinner time. Hopefully, the final meal will picture well – if so, I’ll send a copy to composer and food pic blogger John Mackey. I can’t wait to taste it!!