So this morning, I got up, cleaned house, went out to my car so I could go pick up Kimberly (my co-worker’s daughter is staying with me while he and his wife go to a conference) and find that someone had vandalized my car!!! I was totally pissed. Luckily, it was minor — some hot pink tempra paint on my headlights & passenger side back window. Couldn’t even read what it said — the morning dew had made the paint run. And thank goodness it was tempra paint because it came off quite easily with just water and a little elbow grease. Hopefully, it’s a one time occurance.


Instead of doing daily updates (which I probably could but don’t have the time for, which is why I could update daily), I’ve spent what time I spend on my blog putting pictures in my Photo Gallery. I don’t know when I’ll have more updated pics again, since I’m still missing my camera. There are quite a few recent pics, though. I hope you enjoy.

Great Show!!

I saw Earth, Wind & Fire with Chicago tonight. It was spectacular!!! EWF started out the show but I missed about 30 minutes because of my brain not remembering directions and horrible traffic. Once I got there, they played a handful of tunes (not their most popular) then they took a break. After the break, the drummer from EWF AND the drummer from Chicago went up and did an awesome drumset jam. Totally jammin’. Chicago played and luckily, they kept the number of songs from the ’80s to a minimum. Their music from the ’80s is okay but the stuff from the ’70s is what I went to see/hear. At the end of it all, both bands came out on stage and played each bands’ most popular songs together! Both horn lines playing — what powerful stuff.

If you care for either of those bands and they come close to where you live, GO. It’s worth the money. I’ve seen the show twice now and even though I knew what was coming next (more or less), they still kept me excited and singing and dancing. Great night.

Well, early morning rehearsal tomorrow so I better hit the sack.