Oprah & Moscow Mules

I’m learning a lot by watching Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes on the OWN. For example, Oprah’s favorite new drink is the Moscow Mule. It contains:

Lime Juice
Ginger Beer

Oprah says you can squeeze the limes with your teeth if you don’t have a juicer. AND, Oprah drinks like Martha Stewart. That’s awesome!

Love you, mean it!

Great comic

My friend Naomi emailed several of us this comic yesterday and the subject said “Brad Wins”. I happen to agree. I forwarded it to him and he said it made his day. Enjoy!

Lord of the Nerds

Thanks to Geeks Are Sexy for posting it originally!

The Pack Leader

I’m reading a lot of information from the Dog Whisperer and he says that there should only be one Pack Leader in the house and if you want your dog to behave, it shouldn’t be the dog. Here is a good representation of how it is in my household:

Even the dog knows this one is in charge:

Think about this….

From the White House Blog:

President Barack Obama led a Kennedy Center crowd in a performance of “Happy Birthday,” capping a star-studded musical birthday tribute to ailing Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.

The Massachusetts Democrat was honored at the Kennedy Center at an event Sunday night hosted by comedian Bill Cosby. Actresses Lauren Bacall and Bernadette Peters, singer James Taylor and conductor John Williams were among those who performed.

My question is, who did John Williams conduct? Or what did he perform? From what’s written here (where I ended was the end of the paragraph about performers), it looks like ol’ John got up on stage and conducted as his performance…maybe with no one being conducted. I find it quite a funny mental image…