There’s no such thing…

…as a free weekend when you’re in grad school! Here’s what’s due on Monday:

20th Century Music History:

  • 1964 Timeline – DONE!
  • 1965 Timeline – DONE!
  • Copland composer report – DONE!
  • Create 2 test questions – DONE!
  • Read pgs 50-137 – In progress.
  • Bibliography (so far) – DONE!
  • Paper Outline – DONE!

I also have to have ready:

  • Lesson plan for Mr. McInturf’s “How To Be A Band Director” class (I’m teaching them about Charms on Monday). – DONE!
  • Lesson plan for Wind Ensemble rehearsal, which includes more score study, of course. – DONE!(can score study ever actually be “done”?)

Personally, I need to do:

  • Laundry – DONE!
  • Vacuum (it’s getting too hairy on the floors, thanks Clipford)
  • Clean kitchen & grocery shop

And if the weather clears up a bit, I’d like to swim both Saturday & Sunday. Easy weekend, don’t ya think? Okay, gotta go!!

Love you, mean it!