“And Breathe”

I’ve been craving a really good stretch. I got a little spoiled before I moved because I found a great yoga studio in Round Rock and haven’t quite found the same energy (or affordability) of practice here in Huntsville. In fact, I think yoga is still considered eccentric and hippy here! We’re literally out in the woods.

Anyways, I’ve started back to practicing yoga with the use of my DVDs and YouTube videos. Today’s practice included 20 minutes from Gaiam’s A.M. and P.M. Yoga video and 30 minutes of standing poses from Gaiam’s A.M. Yoga for Your Week. As I sit at my desk typing this blog, I feel myself sitting very tall and it’s almost uncomfortable to slouch. I’m wide awake and haven’t had any coffee yet, either! Yoga practice successful!! I walked the dog for about 10 minutes before my yoga practice.

I’ve been a bit of a sloth lately and not getting in much exercise. I think the stress of some of my projects this semester has “encouraged” me to slob out a bit during whatever free time I’ve had. Not good. I’m working now to reverse that mindset and have been exercising 4 to 5 days a week. This week, I’ve alternated between 3 mile walks with the dog and short walks with the dog with the addition of a good yoga stretch. Tomorrow, I may do another day of short walk with some yoga because we’re headed to Austin and I think a good stretch before I make a 3 hour drive will be better than anything else.

The next two weeks will be spent at the UNT Conducting Collegium with a full schedule but I plan on taking my DVDs with me (I have about 5 yoga and 1 Tai Chi DVDs now) and getting in workouts as often as I can.