Today’s workout

I gained weight at the beginning of this summer (for me this year. started around April 30). I didn’t realize HOW MUCH I sit until summer started and I didn’t have to walk around campus every day. I guess I what I really didn’t realize is how much I walk around campus all week. So I’ve been trying to do something active through the week as possible starting in June. Mostly, it’s been walking the dog around the neighborhood next to my house. If we go the whole neighborhood, it’s about 2.75 miles, up and down hills. It takes us about 35 minutes so that’s a pretty good pace.

Today, we only walked half the neighborhood because I wanted to do my Power Yoga video. It’s a deceptively good workout because you’re feeling calm and relaxed but later in the day, you realize ol’ Rodney Yee really helped you get moving. I am sore by the afternoon whenever I do it. I only get about halfway through it because I’m not quite limber enough for the backbends and such towards the end. Well, I put the video in and it starts skipping ahead during the workout. I looked at the disk and a few fingerprints but no scratches. I cleaned off the disk and put it back in only for it to just stop playing all together. Boo!

I remembered I had these magazine workouts I’d cut out recently, once called, “The All-New Muffin-Top Workout” from the June 2012 issue of Glamour (page 128). Okay, let’s give it a go. WOW, it’s a workout for your abs and mid-section! I feel good enough that I have no desire to slouch as I want to continue to feel the burn as I type this blog entry. That one is definitely a keeper. You just need some floor space for 3 of the 4 moves and either two 5 pound weights or a jug with liquid in it that weighs about 10 pounds. You’re sitting for that move.

Next workout might be from the August 2001 issue of Better Homes and Gardens (page 182). Not sure when or where I pulled this workout but I found it in a bag recently. Maybe it was from my dentists office….

“And Breathe”

I’ve been craving a really good stretch. I got a little spoiled before I moved because I found a great yoga studio in Round Rock and haven’t quite found the same energy (or affordability) of practice here in Huntsville. In fact, I think yoga is still considered eccentric and hippy here! We’re literally out in the woods.

Anyways, I’ve started back to practicing yoga with the use of my DVDs and YouTube videos. Today’s practice included 20 minutes from Gaiam’s A.M. and P.M. Yoga video and 30 minutes of standing poses from Gaiam’s A.M. Yoga for Your Week. As I sit at my desk typing this blog, I feel myself sitting very tall and it’s almost uncomfortable to slouch. I’m wide awake and haven’t had any coffee yet, either! Yoga practice successful!! I walked the dog for about 10 minutes before my yoga practice.

I’ve been a bit of a sloth lately and not getting in much exercise. I think the stress of some of my projects this semester has “encouraged” me to slob out a bit during whatever free time I’ve had. Not good. I’m working now to reverse that mindset and have been exercising 4 to 5 days a week. This week, I’ve alternated between 3 mile walks with the dog and short walks with the dog with the addition of a good yoga stretch. Tomorrow, I may do another day of short walk with some yoga because we’re headed to Austin and I think a good stretch before I make a 3 hour drive will be better than anything else.

The next two weeks will be spent at the UNT Conducting Collegium with a full schedule but I plan on taking my DVDs with me (I have about 5 yoga and 1 Tai Chi DVDs now) and getting in workouts as often as I can.

Feeling a little accomplished. :)

Today is a beautiful day. The sun is out, it’s 70 degrees and the breeze is nice so I have my windows open, enjoying the weather. On top of that, I got quite a few things accomplished today!

Everyday, I eat breakfast. I have two basic choices I stick to – egg and bacon or yogurt with granola and honey. I drink either tea or coffee but only one cup. Today, was an egg and bacon with Earl Grey tea kinda day. Why bacon? Because it tastes good and it’s protein. I think you should start your day with protein and a food you enjoy. For lunch, I had a piece of white fish and salad with a large glass of water. My friend Monica sent me some dark chocolate covered coffee beans for Christmas so I had a few of those, too. Yummy!!

Clipford has been cooped up way too much. When we were in Austin, I took him to Zilker Park and he got to run and fetch the ball and had a great time. There’s a dog park here in Huntsville and I hadn’t been able to find it (no one could give me the exact location – “it’s over in the Avenues, where one of the letter roads ends”, they’d say) so today, I was determined to find it to let Clipford go run a bit. And after about 20 minutes of being in the wrong part of the 23rd Street, I found it! It’s basically at the intersection of N 1/2 Street and 23rd Street. The address is 2335 23rd street but if you plug that into Google Maps or a GPS, it’s takes you for a bit of a wild goose chase. The park was empty so he fetched and explored for about 20 minutes and seemed okay to come home. Without other dogs there, he seemed kinda bored with fetching the ball after 20 minutes. Maybe that was just me. We’ll be going there regularly because it’s really nice there. There are trees so going on a hot day won’t be so bad. There are a few benches and a doggie water fountain. Not so bad for this little town.

After we came home and had lunch, I took all my recycling to the recycling center. It filled my back seat! To get all that stuff out of my apartment and make room to walk was such a relief! It has been way too cluttered around here. Yesterday, my friend Rachel helped me take a bunch of stuff (including my bins of Christmas decorations) to storage so there is quite a bit more room in my apartment again. Mind you, I have a lot of stuff so it’s still cramped but it’s more cleared out than it was when I got back from break. Little steps.

I paid bills and did some yoga practice. This summer was emotionally rough and I found a Groupon or something for a week of yoga practice at Round Rock Yoga Room. I LOVE IT THERE!! It’s not like a club or the gym classes – it’s a true yoga community. I went twice over the break and was greeted by name and with loving hugs. I wish there was a place like it. There is a yoga studio here but the website description doesn’t seem so inviting and it’s kind of expensive so I haven’t been yet. The Yoga Room has been posting videos on YouTube so I made a spot in my home office so I can practice for about 30 minutes. I made a playlist of several different things to work on and plan on going through those as I can. It felt good to stretch and to hear Zelinda’s voice. She’s very calming. I have some Gaiam videos from Sarah so I’ll work with those as well. I should probably look into getting a block and maybe a strap ’cause faking a strap and using a Harry Potter book as a block doesn’t work too well.

Next up, score study again. I have a lot to catch up on with my study because I didn’t get to do any over the break like I’d intended. I’m going to be conducting Vaughan Williams’ English Folk Song Suite in February with the Symphonic Band. I’ll post the date when I find my notebook (I think it’s in my backpack) – it would be nice to have old school friendly faces in the audience as well as my new friends.

Okay, gotta get back to work and ride the wave of feeling accomplished! 🙂

Love you, mean it!