2006 is gonna be fabulous!!!

Sorry I didn’t post this before today. I guess we can start this year with the last C&H ‘toon!
Snowman Suicide

Happy New Year!New Years was good. Cathy & I went to The Dog & Duck Pub to meet folks from her work. I got Cathy a flask for Christmas so she wanted to use it and since I had one, we armed ourselves with some Crown and were on our way. Good thing, they don’t sell mixed drinks (other than mixed beer drinks) there! They just have a beer/win license so our bringing liquor was actually a-okay. 🙂

Oh my, they didn’t really “plan” for New Years folks so they only had one bottle of champagne so as soon as Cathy & I found out, I bought it! Damned if we weren’t going to ring in the New Year without champagne. It wasn’t the best stuff but it had bubbles so I was okay. After we closed down the joint, we headed to Kerbey Lane Cafe on campus. If you go and have a salad there, you MUST try the soy-ginger dressing. It’s AMAZING! Kelly, pictures can seen by clicking on my pic above. I did promise and I work very hard to follow through. 🙂

I got home around 5 am (as I posted earlier) and went straight to sleep. I managed to sleep until around 7. The sun started coming up and was in full force by 7:30. It sure does make it hard to sleep. I managed to sleep until about 10 am so I got 5 hours of sleep. I’ve spent most of today feeling like I’ve been hit by a semi. This feeling really isn’t from drinking too much, but it’s from not getting enough sleep after a long day. I did spend most of yesterday finishing up my house cleaning. I hate when I don’t get enough sleep. A day of doing absolutely nothing except going to see my folks is just what I needed.

So, lots of fun, new friends and a whole new year. This is Cathy’s Year!

10 thoughts on “2006 is gonna be fabulous!!!”

  1. WOW! Who is this, Cathy?

    Great Smile! =o) And thanks for the pics, it really looks like you had a great time! Esp. the one with the “bubbly!” ;o)

  2. Damit! LOL I hope that doesn’t just sum up my luck for 2006…(i.e. “See this??? Well yeah…Well you can’t have it!”) -LOL ;oP

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