Victory for the 512!!!

I’m not known as a Longhorn fan…in fact, I’ve claimed to be an anti-fan for years. It’s amazing that having a few ex-students in Longhorn Band (LHB) has changed my alliances. When I watched the Tournament of Roses Parade on Monday, I heard the LHB about 5 floats before I saw them on TV and I couldn’t help but stand up and hold up my Horns. I have horns to hold up??? I guess so.

Tonight, I went to Connie, Sami & Frank’s house to watch the game. I came home early ’cause I was getting sleepy – it was WAY passed my bedtime around halftime – and listened all the way home. It was quite the wild ride listening to that end of the game!!!

Once the game was over, I hadn’t even killed the engine (I actually had to pull over to just listen, the game was THAT intense at the end) and I headed over to Academy ’cause I heard they were going to sell Champions stuff if when the Longhorns won the game. I ran into Kristina, Elyse and Risa there and we got in early. I got my shirt! Once we left, the line went around the corner and I don’t know where the end was!!! Even with the long standing anti-fan-ness (is that a word?), I’ll wear it proud, throwing out the props to the 512 area code!

OH, and as I left, I called my Andrew & Daniel and Andrew let me listen to the band play “Eyes” for a bit. I don’t know if he realized he did that but it was wonderful. Hook ’em!!

3 thoughts on “Victory for the 512!!!”

  1. HELL YA! Born a Longhorn and I will die a Longhorn! I don’t care for football all that much, but when it comes to my Horns, I’m all in! I was going to the games as early as 6 years old with my grandfather…Great times! Hook-em proud Cathy!

  2. WHAT A GAME!!! I have to admit, I geeked out at the band shots and Sam kept on nudging me when they’d come out. 🙂 I had a friend in the Longhorn Band, and watching it made me regret never going out for it. I miss being on campus!

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