A new young voice to hear

OdysseyHave you heard of or from Hayley Westenra yet? You need to before she gets much older. Her voice is so pure and the music she sings is quite inspiring. I found her song “Never Saw Blue” on this week’s Free Downloads on iTunes. The lyrics and voice just balance so beautifully. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “A new young voice to hear”

  1. lol – imo her voice is good, but she doesn’t sound original too much of a sarah mclachlan thing going on, BUT SHE IS a hottie so she might make it, but I doubt it….

  2. Classical training may allow her to keep the voice she has for years to come! She may go through some rebellious times soon and try something different than her angellic stylings. I’ll enjoy her future creativity!!!

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