Blog format update

I’ve been poking around Pinterest a lot lately and have found many blogs of recipes have a nice way to print just the recipe and not everything else that people like to blog with the recipe itself. I’ve posted a few recipes, most of the time trying to put the ingredient list at the top so there some ease of use to my blog, but have been wondering lately how to make that easily printable recipe card appear. (Sorry for that run-on sentence. My coffee obviously hasn’t kicked in yet.) I think I found the code to make the recipe card work. Here’s my test post on it:

Cathy's Test Recipe Card

  • Servings: 0, it's just a test
  • Difficulty: quite easy, if I do say so myself
  • Print


  • A good webhost support support page
  • Easy to use blog format
  • A minute or two to search for what I’ve been looking for
  • Directions:
    Combine three ingredients. Wala, you’re good to go!

    Did it work? If so, I’ll try to go back and update my older recipe blogs with this formatting but I’ll definitely use this for future recipes!

    On an aside, I found a recipe on Pinterest for “fried” pickles you actually bake in the oven. I may try that recipe today and blog about it. I pinned it but I have to tell ya, the original blog was written in a very clumsy manner and took FOREVER to get to the actual recipe. If you’re going to blog a recipe, talk about the food, not for paragraphs on end about your childhood and other things that don’t have to do about the food. And put your pictures (smaller, please) with the instructions. I have no idea how a jar of pickles has to do with being 12 and having the responsibilities of an 18 year old…. Vent over. Sorry about that.

    What do YOU want to say?

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