Blog format update

I’ve been poking around Pinterest a lot lately and have found many blogs of recipes have a nice way to print just the recipe and not everything else that people like to blog with the recipe itself. I’ve posted a few recipes, most of the time trying to put the ingredient list at the top so there some ease of use to my blog, but have been wondering lately how to make that easily printable recipe card appear. (Sorry for that run-on sentence. My coffee obviously hasn’t kicked in yet.) I think I found the code to make the recipe card work. Here’s my test post on it:

Cathy's Test Recipe Card

  • Servings: 0, it's just a test
  • Difficulty: quite easy, if I do say so myself
  • Print


  • A good webhost support support page
  • Easy to use blog format
  • A minute or two to search for what I’ve been looking for
  • Directions:
    Combine three ingredients. Wala, you’re good to go!

    Did it work? If so, I’ll try to go back and update my older recipe blogs with this formatting but I’ll definitely use this for future recipes!

    On an aside, I found a recipe on Pinterest for “fried” pickles you actually bake in the oven. I may try that recipe today and blog about it. I pinned it but I have to tell ya, the original blog was written in a very clumsy manner and took FOREVER to get to the actual recipe. If you’re going to blog a recipe, talk about the food, not for paragraphs on end about your childhood and other things that don’t have to do about the food. And put your pictures (smaller, please) with the instructions. I have no idea how a jar of pickles has to do with being 12 and having the responsibilities of an 18 year old…. Vent over. Sorry about that.

    And we have liftoff…

    “The final liftoff of Atlantis on the shoulders of the space shuttle, America will continue the dream!”

    “The space shuttle spreads its wings one final time for the start of a sentimental journey into history.”

    It’s the beginning of the end – the last space shuttle has launched successfully. Above are the quotes of the commentators on the NASA channel this morning. God speed Atlantis! Come home safely.

    Love you, mean it!

    Great comic

    My friend Naomi emailed several of us this comic yesterday and the subject said “Brad Wins”. I happen to agree. I forwarded it to him and he said it made his day. Enjoy!

    Lord of the Nerds

    Thanks to Geeks Are Sexy for posting it originally!

    It’s official – FINALLY!

    My blog is now, officially found at I think I have to resign to the fact that I’ve lost forever. :(. But fear not, I’m tapping into my British roots and have this new URL all set up and for quite an inexpensive total price. Right around $35, if my estimating maths is correct. My dad always says maths so tapping into my British roots with this new URL, I’m going with the “s”.

    The picture at the top of the blog is a picture of a squash flower I had growing in my backyard this summer. No, not in my garden but in my compost, actually. The squash that came from the plant was delicious, too! And I can honestly say it was undoubtedly organic.

    The last thing I have to wait for in this technological process is for my DNS record to reset itself so I can start getting my email on my computer again. I guess I can give a quick outline of what I had to do to make all this happen. In list form, it seems quite simple but it takes a bit of reading instructions, following instructions and then waiting for such instructions to “take”.

  • My actual blog is hosted at
  • My domain name is registered at
  • I first pointed my domain to my blog via ipower’s website.
  • I then purchased an upgrade at to be able to map my domain name to my blog on their server. Part of that included resetting my nameserver at ipower to wordpress. That takes a few hours to take effect, btw.
  • I then had to customize my DNS record in my wordpress account so it points my email back to ipower’s servers. That’s what I’m waiting on now to take effect…and it just did.
  • By the way, all the information I’m sharing with you is public information so anyone wondering if I’ve said too much, don’t worry. If you have a blog or website, all this information about you can be looked up at Domain/web hosting companies don’t necessarily “like” when you change your nameservers and DNS records. They want to host everything. But ipower’s tech support chat folks have the information I need and are willing to answer my questions so I’m very fortunate. Go Daddy’s folks would have charged me an arm and a leg to give me any information then they would have given me wrong information. (yes, I’m still bitter).

    So that’s it! I’m all set and ready to blog again. I have recently, too. Go check it out.
    Love you, mean it!