School days, school days.

Last night was the band lock-in. 11 Hours of junk food, inflatables, movies, video games and hyper high school kids. It was a whole lot of fun. One of the inflatables was a obstacle course and I raced several kids (and my boss). The kids won everytime. Brian (my boss) and I raced to see who would win his big office — we tied. We keep our respective offices. Oh well…. Ha! I had lots of fun but no sleep. When I finally got home and went straight to bed, I had been up for 26 hours and at work for almost 24!! Man, I was tired.

Bad thing was, I had a bridal shower I was supposed to go to today but just could not get out of bed to get myself going to it. I guess for the sake of my health and mental stability, that was okay but I’m kinda disappointed. I’d already gotten the gift and I’m so excited for Gina that she’s finally getting married!! I’m playing trumpet at her wedding…..

I talked to Len about 10 times since he got to his tailgate last night. He got stikin’ drunk! Most of the phone calls were pretty funny but as I got more tired, I found myself becoming more annoyed. I’m sure it was more that I was tired than he was annoying. I think by that point, I was annoyed at everything, too!!! Overall, it was very cute! I wish we were together last night!

I’m thinking about taking on yoga but I want to do it at home with taped instruction to see if I really can/want to. Anyone have any suggestions?

Next week, RGV!!

One more

Well, one more game until the end of the football season. Marching season officially ended this Tuesday with UIL State Marching Contest. Will this create more time to do some other things I enjoy? I hope so!


I joined IAJE (International Association of Jazz Educators) today. I really want to have a successful jazz program at SPHS. Hopefully, the kids will have some fun and learn a little about jazz music. Gotta find some funding before I can do much more, though. I’ve got some music coming from my friend Ronnie in Harlingen but entering jazz festivals and getting to them costs money. Maybe the jazz fairies will come sprinkle my office with jazz funding…. That would be nice, huh? 🙂