She’s still my little sister!

Trish’s birthday parties were tons of fun. Sorry if you couldn’t join us. Maybe next year. Click on the picture above to see what you missed. Happy 25th little sis!


On the road again

Woo hoo!! Goin’ to H-Town tomorrow evening for the weekend. It’s gonna be fun. I can’t wait!!!! 😀

Weekend Stats

Austin to Houston and back:

160 miles each way
2/3 of a tank total
Harry Connick Jr’s “Other Hours” & Marroon 5’s “Songs About Jane” CDs (with “Sunday Morning” played twice”) on the way back
2 dogs — one in an adjustment period, one just lovin’ life
2 cats — not too happy that I came home smelling like puppy, but happy I’m home
a handful of pictures
2 very happy people.

New Years

Well, I’m getting ready to go out with Len and some other friends for New Years. I’m really excited — it’s going to be a GREAT night! I’ve shopped until I dropped and I have fun clothes. I’ve even gotten something cool and different for Len to wear. 🙂 So, I’m going to run back to getting ready but I just wanted to say:


Have a great time and get home safe. Maybe I’ll hear from you around midnight. I may or may not hear my phone but I’ll have it so you might hear from me in my noisy environment.
Remember, be good. And if you can’t be good, be safe. 😉


Well, I guess I should update…

Christmas eve, I got to play my trumpet at Anderson Mill Baptist Church. It was a non-paying gig but my boss invited me to come and it was fun. I need to keep playing my horn, I really enjoy it. After church, I went with Brian (my boss), his family and Matt (the other band director) to Brian’s brother Kevin’s house for gumbo (YUMMY). Brian’s dad is from Louisiana so although it wasn’t too spicy, it was delicious. Lots and lots of seafood! The pot Kevin cooked it in was HUGE. When standing on the stove, the top was almost taller than me! It was a very interesting evening because not only was Brian’s family all there (they’re all so nice), but Dick Floyd (Director of Music for UIL) and Jerry Junkin (Director of Instrumental Conducting at UT — major band guru) were there!! Now, I’ve known Dick Floyd since I was a freshman in high school but Jerry Junkin is a major band icon, not just in Texas but internationally, and to think I spent Christmas Eve with him and his family is kinda made me star struck. Kevin is the Director of Bands and Director of Instrumental Conducting at Baylor and is quite renowned himself. Kevin’s told me a few times, “They’re just regular people,” about them and a few other people he knows but still, I couldn’t help but be awestruck.

After gumbo and just hanging out, we all decided to head home. I was in bed for a good 45 minutes when my phone rings and Len’s so excited, I’m surprised he can spit out all the words to create a sentence! It was snowing in the RGV!!! And not only was it snowing, the snow was building and packing on the ground. It was colder than anything in Austin but there was no percipitation within a 100 mile radius. 😦 Oh well.

Woke up Christmas morning, did my Yoga, got ready and headed to mom and dad’s. For the past 6 or 7 years, my family has stopped stressing out with Christmas presents and decorations and the big Christmas feast. Instead, we’ve gone to the nicer hotels and restaurants for their Christmas morning brunch. The last 4 years or so have been at The Four Seasons, and it was wonderful but this year, we thought we’d try Green Pastures. Excellent food, deserts, atmosphere, and peacocks!

I don’t know how many they had there but they were all over the yard, even on the roof and in the trees!!
I realized after we had left that my sister and I were so busy taking pictures of the peacocks that we didn’t get ANY of the beautiful house or our family. (oops)

Then, after hanging out at the house, my mom and I decided to come up to my apartment to hand out and watch a movie. It was really nice to hang out with my mom. We don’t get to do it often.

Since then, I’ve been cleaning the apartment and working out (yoga, walking and pilates). I sure am feeling a lot better. Hopefully, all the food I’ve been eating will not stay on my body for a long time.

I can’t wait for Len to come up here at the end of this week for New Years. There’s a small group of us that are planning on going to dinner and dancing for New Years. Woo hoo to Connie for “taking charge” and convincing Frank that they’re coming with us. Oh yeah, and woo hoo to Connie & Frank for the wonderful BOA time the night before Christmas eve and her spectacular cookies. I’m working out extra hard so I can eat those cookies, you know!

So, what are your New Years plans?

The Party

My friend Allison is about to get married!! To celebrate this joyous occasion, we decided to party. And did we party. This weekend, I was part of an awesome full weekend bachelorette party. It was 2 days long!! Because of some work commitments, I couldn’t participate in some of it but what I did participate in was fantastic.

Allison is one of the dance teachers at my school. One of the other co-workers’ parents have a timeshare at the Barton Creek Country Club so she took advantage of it and we had a 2 story, 3 bedroom (with 3 1/2 HUGE baths — always a plus with a house full of girls) house in Westlake to get away to. What a difference that makes. It was one big slumber party! The other thing she did was rent a 15 passenger van and have some of their graduated students be our designated drivers. We were set!

Friday evening was a small group of us started out at the house with some drinks and munchies. Once we were all ready to head out, we went to Shady Grove for dinner then we hit 4th Street for some more drinks and some dancing. We started fairly late and this was just our pre-party with a few folks so we weren’t expecting hours of party. And it wasn’t. After about an hour and a half on 4th Street, another girl was arriving to Austin for the rest of our party weekend so we had to go back to the house to meet her. We really weren’t too disappointed about having to leave, though. Dispite the fact that it was UT graduation weekend and a Friday night, 4th Street was pretty dead and the bands I heard were kinda suckin’. Back to the house for a few more drinks with our new group member then some sleep for a whole new day of party.

Saturday morning, I had to be at Westlake HS to judge some band stuff so I missed out on the massage & facials. 😦 As soon as I was done, I did go out and shop for something cute to wear that night out, though. It’s always nice to rack up a smidge of credit card debt to pamper yourself every once in a while….

About 4:30, the rest of the folks started to show up at the house and the drinks started to flow yet again. Red wine, white wine, apple martinis, Midori pina coladas, and Crown & Coke were the choices. I think a few of the girls were quite tipsy before we even headed out for dinner! We loaded the 15 passenger van and headed out to PF Changs for dinner. Because there were so many of us there (I think the final count that met for dinner was 21 people), the waiter suggested a dinner option called a limo ride where they bring out 3 or 4 appetizers and 4 or 5 main dishes to choose from family style for everyone based on a few questions (allergies, favorites, etc). It only cost about $17/person and we had lots of left overs! Some dinner, a few more drinks and away we go again for some dancing and you guessed it, MORE DRINKS!

We hit Speakeasy, Oilcan Harrys & Olsos and had a great time in each. Definitely 3 completely different atmospheres! Once the night was done and no more drinks could publically flow, we loaded up the van again and headed back to the house for some last drinks and munchies before we headed to bed. I think I finally got to bed around 4am.

(Oh yeah, Eric, why did you call at 5 am???)

Breakfast and a hangover this morning, we got cleaned up and headed to our real lives. We’ve decided we don’t need special occasions to go out to the timeshare for a weekend away so you’ll periodically hear more stories from the Barton Creek Country Club! Lots of fun!!!

Great Show!!

I saw Earth, Wind & Fire with Chicago tonight. It was spectacular!!! EWF started out the show but I missed about 30 minutes because of my brain not remembering directions and horrible traffic. Once I got there, they played a handful of tunes (not their most popular) then they took a break. After the break, the drummer from EWF AND the drummer from Chicago went up and did an awesome drumset jam. Totally jammin’. Chicago played and luckily, they kept the number of songs from the ’80s to a minimum. Their music from the ’80s is okay but the stuff from the ’70s is what I went to see/hear. At the end of it all, both bands came out on stage and played each bands’ most popular songs together! Both horn lines playing — what powerful stuff.

If you care for either of those bands and they come close to where you live, GO. It’s worth the money. I’ve seen the show twice now and even though I knew what was coming next (more or less), they still kept me excited and singing and dancing. Great night.

Well, early morning rehearsal tomorrow so I better hit the sack.